Services for International Employers

Services for international empoyers

We help to make recruitment as simple and effective as possible.Our team conducts a selection of candidates, according to the requirements of international companies. We focused on establishing a reliable business relationship.
BRIEFING: Understand opportunity, team fit, remuneration, likely background, skills and experience
RESEARCH: Search our global and local network; conduct database & online search, seek referrals, build a long list and formulate approach
INTERVIEW&SELECTION: Approach key candidates, conduct competency-based interview to understand skills, experience, career track, motivation & cultural fit.
SHORTLIST: Presentation of Short-Listed Candidates for Approval / Scheduling of Interviews (face-to face/online interview)
PREPARATION: Ensuring Candidates are fully prepared for interviews and assess their performance
OFFER / DESIGNATION: Keep track of both client and candidate throughout the process and manage expectations and timeliness to placement